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A Nineveh Moment – Does America Have Another Chance? by Dr. David Schnittger


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A Nineveh Moment – Does America Have Another Chance?

by Dr. David Schnittger

This will not end peacefully. This was my conclusion when Ron Paul was denied the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012 by the Republican establishment. As an ardent member of the “Ron Paul Revolution,” in both 2008 ad 2012, I was convinced that Dr. Paul was America’s last best hope for restoring America as a Christian Constitutional Republic. With his defeat and retirement from public office, I despaired that nothing short of a bloody revolution by America’s patriots would ever restore the Republic.

Fast forward four years to September 2015. The Republican primaries had just begun. A newcomer to politics, Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. More out of curiosity than anything, I decided to go. I was not the only one. When I arrived at the open-air bandstand, two hours in advance of the scheduled appearance, the place was packed with thousands of “Okies,” waiting patiently in anticipation of “The Donald.” When he appeared, the place went CRAZY! He had the audience in the palm of his hand as he spoke simply but forcefully of the need to secure our borders and bring back American jobs. 

I have listened to politicians my whole life, but this man was different. He was one of us, saying out loud what many hard-working Americans were afraid to say. “The ruling class does not care about us!” I did not know at the time what to make of the way he affected me and the rest of the audience that day. After much observation and contemplation over the ensuing months, I have come to the conclusion that the hand of God is upon him, much like it was on the prophet Jonah, who delivered Nineveh from certain judgment. This book is about the amazing movement that Donald Trump is giving voice to, a second American Revolution, a moment that is bringing a “Nineveh Moment” to America.



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