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A Biography of the Christian Bible and How We Defend the Protestant Scriptures in the 21st Century – By S. Douglas Woodward


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A Biography of the Christian Bible and How We Defend the Scriptures in the 21st Century

By S. Douglas Woodward

Serious students of the Bible have a strong grasp of what the Bible teaches. But few actually know how we got our Bible and why we can trust that what it says today is what it said two millennia ago. S. Douglas Woodward argues that knowing ABOUT our Bibles is almost as crucial as knowing what’s in it. A Biography of the Christian Bible is a tour-de-force, 300-page history supplying what’s best described as a “biography” of the Bible —and how to defend its authenticity and accuracy against skeptics the 21st century. It might be the most important book on the Evangelical view of the Christian Bible in a decade.Topics include:

  • How the Bible was composed and copied.
  • How it was transmitted through the centuries, stage-by-stage.
  • How the Old Testament was altered by rabbis in the 2nd century A.D.
  • The ancient cities and historical figures that shaped the Bible’s structure.
  • What role the Greek Septuagint plays in restoring the Old Testament text.
  • Why today’s Bible can have imperfections and still provide God’s Word.
  • What Bible version provides the most accurate record of its autographs.
  • Old Testament chronology and how it differs from conventional thinking.
  • The books “banned from the Bible” and the argument for the Apocrypha.
  • How we know the Bible is true based on history and fulfilled prophecy.
  • The challenges of “higher criticism” and how to defend against it.
  • The irrefutable evidence that proves the Septuagint was the Apostle’s Bible.



305 pages 



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