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My Search For Messiah by Michael Rydelnik


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My Search For Messiah

by Michael Rydelnik PhD

The year was 1967 and for the first time in 2,000 years Jewish people had sovereignty over their holiest site, the Temple Mount. Expectations for Messiah’s coming were running high as Jerusalem had been reunited during the Six-Day War. And in 1968, 10-year old Michael Rydelnik made his first trip to the Western Wall. 

During his freshman year of high school Michael’s hope for Messiah was suddenly shaken when his mother, a Holocaust survivor, revealed her secret faith in Jesus as the Messiah of Israel. Determined to convince his mother of the error of her ways, he began a concentrated study of the Messiah in the Tanach, the Hebrew Bible. 

In My Search For Messiah, Jewish studies professor, Dr. Michael Rydelnik, returns to Jerusalem and the Western Wall to tell his story and retrace the path of his search for Messiah. Reflecting on the intensity of his study of the Hebrew Bible he says, “Little did I know that more and more Scriptures would come to light that would reveal who the Messiah really is and my need for Him.” 

Part 1- My Search For Messiah (49 minutes) 

Part 2- Waiting for Messiah (19 minutes) 



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