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Genesis 6 Giants (Revised, Updated & Expanded-April 2015)


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Genesis 6 Giants (Revised, Updated & Expanded)

by Stephen Quayle

In this 2nd edition of Genesis 6 Giants, author Stephen Quayle reveals the overwhelming evidence that biblical giants, as well as the Titans found in Greek Mythology and legends, not only existed but also brought false religions and and human sacrifices to our planet. The author also reveals how Giants were (and are) fathered by fallen angels and how the spirits of dead giants became the demons that have plagued mankind throughout history. 

You will also learn about historic giants from the distant past, right on up to today; how modern giants may form the vanguard of a coming attack on the human race; and how you can protect yourselves and your loved ones from the spiritual attacks Satan and his angels have planned for mankind. 


1. Preface to the Second Edition

2. Introduction

3. Creation

4. Pre-Adamic Earth

5. The Destruction of Angelic Civilization

6. Pre-Adamic Science

7. Angels and Giants

8. Religion and Giants

9. Once There Were Giants

10. Giants in the New World

11. Giants in Europe

12. Ancient Giants

13. Giants in European Culture

14. Early Sightings of Giants

15. Of Warriors and Children

16. Royalty and Giants

17. Giants and Body Snatchers

18. Nothing New Under the Sun



457 pages (Revised and updated in April of 2015 with many new chapters)

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