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101 Answers About the Book of Revelation


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101 Answers to Questions About the Book of Revelation

by Mark Hitchcock

For many people the Book of Revelation is shrouded in mystery. They’re unsure how to understand this fascinating panorama of the end times that’s filled with divine judgment, the rise and fall of a one world government, Armageddon, and best of all, the glorious return of Jesus Christ. 

Prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock has gathered the top 101 questions that people have about this ancient book. Just reading through the extensive list of 101 questions in the Table of Contents is exciting.

Who are the overcomers?

Was Patmos once a penal colony?

When was Revelation written?

Why was the tribe of Dan left off the list of the 12 tribes?

Why is there silence in heaven for 30 minutes?

Who are the two witnesses?  And when are they killed? 

Will hell really last for all eternity? 

What will believers be doing during the Millennium? 

Will the heavens and Earth be destroyed or renovated? 

What is the song of Moses? 

Where does Armageddon take place? 

Can someone’s name be taken out of the Book of Life? 

People have questions. Mark Hitchcock has answers. If you are relatively new to the subject of Bible prophecy, Pastor Hitchcock will provide you with a solid, easy to understand explanation of this incredible book. 



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