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Prophecy Watchers announces LIVE STREAMING of our October 13-15 Prophecy Conference conference! 33 speakers! Stearman, Horn, Marzulli, Ice, Price, Koenig, Cahn, Hocking, Salus! CLICK HERE to view the entire schedule!

"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ" -Titus 2:13

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HDTV Studio 2 Camera Fund Donation


God continues to swing the doors open wide for Prophecy Watchers! Let me tell you about our latest project — we’re calling it, Studio 2. Thanks to many of you and your generosity, our ministry now owns a small office building, which houses our two television studios, our friendly and hardworking phone-answering ladies, and our shipping headquarters. Our ministry’s outreach is growing every day and with the Lord’s continued blessing we’ll continue to try and find new ways to let people know that Jesus is coming soon!

We’ve just purchased three new Sony HD TV cameras (on faith) and installed studio quality lighting to create a second, in-house television studio. What a blessing! For the past couple of months we’ve been dragging our studio cameras, tripods and light racks back and forth from room to room—time consuming and dangerous, but that is now a thing of the past. Studio 2 is now completed giving our ministry an added dimension and the platform we’ve desired for some time. Gary will now have the opportunity to share some lengthy and intimate conversations with our guests—amazing people you’re going to get to know a whole lot better in the near future.

There’s not enough space here to educate everyone on the costs of airing a television program all around the world, but suffice it to say that having a television program can get really expensive! But there’s nothing like television to reach the masses with the message. Believe it or not, the networks don’t pay us for producing our weekly program — we pay them! Major networks like Daystar and TBN can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 a WEEK for a one-time airing of a 30-minute television program. That is an uphill climb for a relatively new start up ministry. But we’ll trust God to provide and lead the way—just as He always has.

You can’t produce a weekly TV program without regular support from your viewers and readers. In case you were wondering, this is why we offer books and DVDs on our program—you have to be able to cover these expensive programming costs to stay on the air. It’s a real challenge that requires help from above, and help from our friends. Just so you know, we are so appreciative of your commitment to this ministry. You are a blessing and we’ll never take you for granted.

Gary and I feel that our 30-minute TV programs often seem too short for many people’s liking. Many times we feel a bit rushed and there’s never enough time for you to really get to know some of the great people we bring to town. Many of the very best conversations we have are off-camera, when our guests are able to let their hair down and share their heart and personal testimonies. Trust me, you’re missing out on some great “fly on the wall” stuff.

This is where Studio 2 comes into play. We want it to be a comfortable environment—both relaxed and casual with no stopwatch telling us when we need to stop the conversation. And no products to sell! We want you to be as blessed by the testimonies of these great men, just as we are. You should get the opportunity to know them better and to hear their life-changing stories.

We’ve now shot our first six programs in Studio 2 and they’ve turned out better than we expected. L.A. Marzulli and Gary just completed an hour-long program called, “The Great UFO Deception.” Just two long-time friends discussing the dark side of Bible prophecy.  Satan is real. Demons are real.  UFOs are real. Will a UFO appearance explain away the Rapture of the Church? Just recently a Roswell insider shared a death-bed confession. You’re going to want to hear the latest news.

Then came Bill Salus and he totally blew us away with his research on the convergence of several key biblical prophecies. How many of you know that Bill was making a living as a piano bar player in Hawaii when the Lord “chased” him off the island to a place in California—a place he believes was prepared especially for him. You will never guess how Bill came to know the Lord. It’s supernatural! And it involves a legendary prophecy teacher!

Then came Jeff Kinley—seeking to “Wake the Bride” and bring Bible prophecy back in to our churches.  He has a real burden for the sleeping church and lost teenagers.

Next comes the prophetic legend Tommy Ice! He and Gary covered an amazing array of prophetic subjects that you are going to REALLY enjoy. Some of them will no doubt be quite controversial . . . but we’ve never had a more knowledgable guest on the subject of the rapture of the church—and why it was to in the Bible as a “mystery.”

Dr. Michael Lake shared his advanced research into the secrets of the Tower of Babel that have escaped the notice of theologians for thousands of years. There’s more to this story than the Bible tells us. Nimrod was the mastermind behind the Tower Project and serves as a the perfect biblical model for the Antichrist.

Gary Stearman is the driving force behind Studio 2. Most people don’t know this, but Gary had the #1 rated AM Radio program here in OKC for a long, long time. His ratings were bigger than Rush Limbaugh’s! He’s interviewed hundreds of people over the years and he has a knack for making his guests feel comfortable. With Gary’s base of prophetic knowledge, he knows just where to take the interview and what people want to know. Have you seen the TV show, the Actor’s Studio, where actors and actresses share their most intimate thoughts? Think Studio 2 with a prophetic twist and a real Bible scholar at the helm.

Will you help us get Studio 2 off the ground and fully funded? We know it’s going to be a great success and blessing to many. We are still about $25,000 short of funding the new equipment. We haven’t talked about it much—(we’ve been way too busy), but we have high hopes that these one-on-one interviews are going to be an exciting new way to share the Gospel!

You can donate via our online bookstore at

Or, you can use PayPal to make your donation of any amount online.


Or, as always, you can send a check to our ministry’s PO Box here in Oklahoma City.

Prophecy Watchers, Inc.—PO Box 20530—OKC, OK 73156-0530

Gary and I want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who have allowed us to get this far. The Lord has been good. And we are trusting Him to continue to provide for this ministry’s needs.

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