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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone


Psalm 19 Project: What is the Expanse/Firmament (Raqia)?

by Mondo Gonzales on February 20, 2023

By Mondo Gonzales If you haven’t seen or read my previous article in the February 2023 magazine entitled, “Psalm 19 Project: Addressing Flat Earth Claims” […]

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Psalm 19 Project: Addressing Flat Earth Claims

by Mondo Gonzales on January 26, 2023

By Mondo Gonzales By the time you read this article in February, our observatory should be fully installed. We had been waiting for our pier […]

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The Psalm 19 Project

by Mondo Gonzales on January 1, 2023

The Psalm 19 Project: The Gospel in the Stars and the Arrival of Apophis I am writing this exactly one year after coming to Oklahoma to […]

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Are the Ten Kings Actually Ten Oligarchs?

by Mondo Gonzales on December 27, 2022

Those who are watching prophecy closely will discuss often that we are looking for the arrival of the antichrist and most believe that he is […]

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Does God Deceive through the Constellations?

by Mondo Gonzales on December 15, 2022

I was recently asked a question which provides an opportunity to talk about the starry skies. 🙂 Nelson asks: To start with, I believe Adam […]

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Unseen Realm- Divine Council

by Prophecy Watchers on July 22, 2022

Unseen Realm- Understanding our Future Glory as God’s Vice-Regents and our role in the Divine Council Session 1- Introduction- Principles for Interpreting the Bible  NOTES […]

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How did the Nephilim Return after the Flood?

by Prophecy Watchers on June 13, 2022

A Brief Survey of the Pre-flood and Post-flood Origins of the Nephilim By Mondo Gonzales (to read a more orderly formatted edition in PDF format, […]

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Mondo conference- Olivet Discourse PPT

by Prophecy Watchers on May 20, 2022

Below you will find Mondo’s Power Point from the Colorado Springs Homeward Bound 2022 conference. If you want to read a more detailed version of […]

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Bloodline of the Antichrist

by Prophecy Watchers on May 17, 2022

Bloodline of the Antichrist By Gary Stearman A new look at an old riddle … –Who is he? –Where does he come from? –What is […]

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Answering Objections to the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin- Digging Deeperby Mondo Gonzales One of the reasons I love the world of biblical archaeology is the ways in which artifacts […]

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Who Are the Twenty Four Elders in Revelation?

by Prophecy Watchers on April 16, 2022

This topic is one that can often be overlooked, but is very important for a variety of reasons. First, this group of twenty-four (24) seemingly […]

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Ancient Lead Tablet Found from Mt. Ebal Excavation Rubble

by Prophecy Watchers on March 31, 2022

Most Christians are familiar with the Mount of Olives, Mount Moriah or even the name Mount of Transfiguration. However, less believers know the name or […]

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