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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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  1. Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference Announcement!

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    Will we still be here next July? If we are, I hope to meet many of you face to face for the first time! On today’s update Gary and Bob will be talking about the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference—being held July 15-17th, 2016. In an attempt to get the word out to EVERYONE and give EVERYONE a fair chance to hear about the conference via TV, email blasts, Facebook and the new Prophecy Watcher magazine, we won’t be taking registrations until OCTOBER 13th, 2015.

    ONLINE registration is coming. Mark that day on your calendar. IN all seriousness, we may not have ANY tickets left on October 14th and we are holding fast to 1,000 people. No exceptions. At 9:00 AM on October 13th the registration fun will begin. Come and meet the great prophetic minds we’ve assembled—all under one roof. 20 names committed already—just 5 more to go! Who will those last 5 be?

    Clear your calendar now and plan your vacation for mid-July. There’s not a prettier place to be in the summer than humidity-free, colorful Colorado. Sleep on the best hotel beds anywhere at the Marriott, right in the shadow of Pike’s Peak and minutes from Garden of the Gods—a spectacular place to explore with the family. Tour Focus on the Family, the Shroud of Turin Museum, the US Air Force Academy and US Olympic Training Center, right before the Olympics. Great food, great weather and great company!

    Our collection of speakers is unparalled—Stearman, Horn, Gilbert, Missler, Marzulli, Price, Koenig, Lipkin, Richardson, Teichrib, Lake, Peck, Mahoney, Miller, Putnam, Marquis, Stauffer, McGuire, Farah, and Maginnis. Most of them don’t even need first names to be recognized!! You know they will bring their best messages and who knows what will be going on in our world by then? It’s about to get exciting!

    This first conference will be a co-sponsored, inaugural event for Prophecy Watchers. Tom Horn and Skywatch TV are here right beside us, introducing the Prophecy Conference of the Century. Do not hesitate. Don’t delay. October 13th will be here before you know it. SAVE THE DATES!!!! Join us in God’s country!

  2. Prophecy Watchers Has Their Own Roku Channel

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    For those of you who are familiar with ROKU and have a ROKU Box or ROKU Streaming Stick, Go into your ROKU account and add Prophecy Watchers to your favorite ROKU channels. We have all of our TV programs in the queue, including some that haven’t even aired on TV yet.


    There are currently over 2 MILLION ROKU boxes in circulation with thousands more being added every day! One ministry friend told us they have 250,000 ROKU viewers already. All for FREE!!! Praise the Lord!

    Now anyone can get Prophecy Watchers on their TV and watch from the comfort of home. Head on down to Sam’s Club, Costco, or Best Buy and pick yourself up an inexpensive source of 1,700+ TV channels. That number is rising rapidly as more people find out they can drop their cable and get ROKU for FREE. The ROKU stick sells for $49.00 on Amazon while the ROKU box, which has greater capabilities, sells for $84.99 also on Amazon – or there are more models on the ROKU website. Pick one up today, plug it into the HDMI port in your TV and you are on your way!


  3. Where Did Prophecy Watchers Get Its Name?

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    It was late July of 2013 and Gary and I had just finished up the 1st Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit in Colorado Springs. (more…)