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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

Latest Articles

Defining the Last Generation

by Gary Stearman on February 4, 2022

The New Testament’s Olivet Discourse holds a very special place in the hearts of Christians everywhere. Its setting on the Mount of Olives places a […]

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Are the Ten Kings Actually Ten Oligarchs?

by Prophecy Watchers on January 18, 2022

Those who are watching prophecy closely will discuss often that we are looking for the arrival of the antichrist and most believe that he is […]

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Who Are the Ten Kings?

With a view toward global developments and the growing threat of economic and political instabilities that could lead to an unprecedented world war, we should […]

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The Serpent Mound: A New Paradigm

by Prophecy Watchers on January 14, 2022

The Serpent Mound is one of the most intriguing sites I have ever visited while being on the trail. It is situated in Peebles, Ohio, […]

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Ten Clear Pre-Trib Rapture References from Ephraim the Syrian by Lee Brainard

by Prophecy Watchers on January 7, 2022

In 1994, (the late) Grant Jeffrey discovered a pretribulation rapture passage within a manuscript entitled, On the Last Times, the Antichrist, and the End of […]

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The Christmas Prophecy of Bethlehem

by Gary Stearman on December 23, 2021

Virtually the entire world knows the Christmas story. In one form or another, it has been told a million times. Having so often been featured […]

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Proof of Rescue/Rapture?

by Mondo Gonzales on December 21, 2021

Proof of Rescue BEFORE the Time of Judgment by Jesus Himself By Mondo GonzalesCo-host at Prophecy Watchers Ministries There are generally two perspectives when addressing […]

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The Seven-Year Tribulation: Is it, or Isn’t It?

by Gary Stearman on November 8, 2021

There is an important ongoing discussion in prophetic circles today. It is preoccupied with the length of the period named by Jesus, Himself, in Matthew […]

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Trans-Dimensional Raiders

by Gary Stearman on June 26, 2021

As Christians, what are we to think, when governments around the world are beginning to publicly admit that they’ve been studying the phenomenon of UFOs […]

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by Prophecy Watchers on June 8, 2021

By Steve Schmutzer It’s very unfortunate what has happened to this place. It’s become a situation where what’s right is wrong and what’s good is […]

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Obadiah and the Gaza War

by Prophecy Watchers on May 20, 2021

An article for Prophecy Watcher Magazine by Ken Johnson, 5-19-2021 As I am writing this, the nation of Israel has just had its seventy-third birthday. […]

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Introducing Mondo Gonzales

by Prophecy Watchers on April 28, 2021

We are all very pleased to add another Bible prophecy expert to our staff. Pastor Mondo Gonzales will be joining us in July, from the […]

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